I met a beautiful woman before that had to change my perception to her

She is not just a beautiful woman but just like anybody else she has this hobby that made her different. As we grow old, we become more focus on the things that are more important. We take life more seriously that we forget what is the meaning of life could be. We appreciate more adventures, travels, work, etc.
I did not realize that I can meet someone that will make me impress about her collections. I am her regular client, but it is just recently she opens her life to me. I did not think we can be so close more than only a client and as an escort. Yes, she is an escort I book five years ago even up to now. I am an owner of a business here in Australia and sometimes I have to cross borders for some time to have meetings for the growth of the company. I keep coming back and forth to London since I also have a branch there, and since we knew that London is one of the most high-class escorts and in-demand, I book one for myself. Cheap escorts are one of the affordable escorts in town but its more than the price. Ladies in London escorts are pretty, intelligent and very interesting to talk. The feeling that they won’t make you feel bored and has a sense of humor.
I book a London escort for the first time, and honestly, I do not know how to handle her and feel intimidated by her. The London escort I am talking to is Lexus. Lexus is one of a kind; I love her personality and how she makes me feel comfortable in our first meeting. It’s weird because on the first day, while we were in the car, she took something in her bag and saw it was a train miniature. I was a little bit shocked because you know how can a beautiful, beautiful lady still hold a toy at that moment? I think I look so astonished that she looks at me laughing. She said to me that whenever she is bored, she wants to hold the train in her hand. It makes her feel good. Other than that, she never tells me anything about behind it.
Lexus is a great companion; she loves to crack a joke and sometimes give life advice. There are times that I feel worried about the meeting, and she makes me relax and calm. Lexus is more than only a London escort to me, my regular booking to her connects us to become a best friend in life. Every time I have a problem, she is one call away and ready to listen to my dramas in life. I am very open to her, and she likes to advise on life. Lexus came from a low-income family, her humble beginnings molds her to become who she is now. When we become too close to each other, she entrusted me with her life. She also shares about her addiction to train.

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