Cupid does not have diamond encrusted arrows!

I met my Sugar Daddy when I was working for London escorts. I had not really sat out to find a Sugar Daddy like some of the other London escorts I worked with at our escort agency in London. Instead, I just wanted to have a male friend and booty call that I could hook up with sometimes. However, it soon became apparent that Jeremy was looking for something totally different in the relationship department. He wanted to share a few pent up feelings, and enjoy a little bit of love at the same time. Little did I know he would fall in love with me.

Jeremy and I had met when I was out with my friends from London escorts. One of the girls from a rival London escorts services was celebrating her birthday, and we had sort of been invited. She had also invited a couple of the gents she normally dated at the escort agency, and Jeremy was one of those gents. When we first met, I found him easy to talk to, and there was no way I was setting out to snatch him away from anybody.

It is not like me to hang around older guys when I am off duty from London escorts. Most of the time I hang out with guys my own age as I meet a lot of senior guys at London escorts. But there was something different about Jeremy, and I felt good around him. I am not really sure what happened, but I think that I was sending out the wrong signals, because this guy seemed to fall in love with me right there and then. We ended up swapping telephone and he asked me out for lunch the next day. I did not want to rush things, so I told him I was going shoe shopping with another friend from the charlotte London escorts service I worked for.

I thought that he would not say anything else, but he asked me if he could take me shoe shopping instead. At first I was not sure, but I finally said yes. When he picked me up the next day, he ended taking me to some of the most expensive stores in London, and be the end of the day, I had ended up with several thousands pounds worth of shoes. Great for charlotte London escorts, but not so great for Jeremy perhaps.

Over the next couple of months, Jeremy became my Sugar Daddy outside of London escorts. He spent a small fortune on buying me clothes and even bought me some nice jewelry. It was clear that this guy was trying to win me over, but when he asked me to move into with him and give up London escorts, I said no. Sure, it was nice, but I had no feelings for this man at all. I told that I enjoyed working, but it was clear he was after a long term relationship. We parted company as friends, and I now understand he has another Sugar babe. I have a feeling he is that kind of guy who likes to try to impress you, but instead ends up overwhelming you. Most women appreciate some kind of independence these days.

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